How Can You Boost Your Immunity and Avoid Infections?

How Can You Boost Your Immunity and Avoid Infections?

Last Reviewed : 12/18/2020
How Can You Boost Your Immunity and Avoid Infections?

Immunity is one of the most important components that everyone should possess in order to protect themselves from various infections. Our body has an innate capability of producing special white blood cells called as T-cells and B-cells. B-cells produce antibodies. Both T-cells and antibodies fight against bacteria, viruses, funi or any other foreign object entering the human body. There are several factors that influence immunity of an individual. As people age, their immune system gradually declines. Several disease conditions can also make immunity worsen. Other major factors that contribute to reduced immunity and infections are stress and poor nutritional status.

Here are some tips on how to boost your immunity:

  • 1.Life Style Management:
  • 2.Foods:
  • 3.Vaccines: Being vaccinated is one of the most effective measures to preventing oneself from contracting infections.
  • 4.Supplements: Vitamin C and probiotics. Probiotics will promote healthy bacterial growth in the body. Lactobacillus will reduce both respiratory and gastrointestinal illness. It decreases the chances of contracting infections to 42%.
  • 5.Others: Avoid being in close contact with individuals that have an infection. Additionally, ensure that the things you interact with daily are properly sanitized. Limiting your exposure to infection and practicing good hygiene are very effective methods to avoid infection.
  • Meditation: Meditation is one of the most effective methods of reducing stress. Regular meditation will also reduce the chances of catching a cold by 40-50%.
  • Practice Oigog: This is a Chinese body mind exercise that focuses on the art of controlled breathing and slow movement. This is a way of slow deep rhythmic breathing. It helps in reducing stress and improving focus. Practicing Oigog decreases the chances of infections by 70%.
  • Exercise: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 30-60 minutes of exercise daily in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent infections. Exercise increases the blood flow and also boosts the immune cells.
  • Enough Sleep: Ensuring that you obtain a healthy amount of sleep every night will help in managing stress and thereby boosting immunity.
  • Weight Management: Overweight and obese individuals are more prone to infections. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight will help in reducing the chances of acquiring infections. Even vaccines will be ineffective in individuals suffering from obesity.
  • Socialize: Loneliness or depression will also adversely affect the immunity. Socialization decreases stress, depression, and increases optimism; thus, boosting the immune system.
  • Regular washing of hands.
  • Stop biting the nails.
  • Quit smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • Garlic: Garlic contains allicin that helps in fighting viral infections.
  • Adding astragalus to foods: Astragalus will boost the production of T-cells, white blood cells, and helps in fighting viral infections.
  • Herbs and spices: Herbs and spices, such as cinnamon and clove, are rich in antioxidants and boost the immunity.
  • Cut down sugars: Excess consumption of sweets and sugars is associated with decreased immunity and decreased resistance.
  • Hydration: Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated prevents the mucus membranes from drying. Mucus membranes are one of the defense mechanisms that prevent the colonization of bacteria and viruses. Mucus membrane secretions contain various enzymes that prevent the organisms from multiplying.
  • Eat mushrooms: Mushrooms are also known to boost the immunity.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in zinc, selenium, copper, iron, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, E.

In conclusion, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to have a strong immunity. Regular exercise, meditation, healthy diet, and adequate sleep helps to boost immunity. Stress is a major contributing factor that reduces body immunity. In 21st century, stress has become part and parcel of our lives. There is no way to ‘avoid’ stress. We just have to learn how to ‘manage’ stress in our lives. The above tips not only boost immunity but they also help to control several other morbid conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases.

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