Does your urine smell differently? If so, find out these causes.

Does your urine smell differently? If so, find out these causes.

Last Reviewed : 12/24/2020
Does your urine smell differently? If so, find out these causes.

Urine is the byproduct of filtration that occurs in kidneys. The smell and color of the urine are defined by the substances that are dissolved in it. The most common product is ammonia that causes typical urine odor. The most important constituent of urine is water in which the waste products are dissolved. If the amount of water is less, then it gives rise to concentrated urine which has a very strong ammonia odor. However, apart from ammonia, there are many other substances that have the ability to be dissolved in urine and change its properties. In this article, the causes of urine odor are discussed.

Causes of Urine Odor

  • Asparagus has the ability to change the odor of the urine even in minute concentrations in at least 40% of people. The presence of asparagus in food change gives rise to peculiar odors. It is typically called as Asparagus pee.
  • Vitamin supplements are the group of drugs that change the odor of urine
  • Dehydration causes strong ammonia-like odor
  • Urinary tract infections can change the odor of urine to sweet-smelling urine
  • The urine of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus gives rise to urine with fruity smell
  • Sexually transmitted infections give rise to foul-smelling urine
  • Any fistula between gastrointestinal tract and bladder also give peculiar odor
  • Genetic disorders like Maple syrup urine disease and phenylketonuria have their own characteristic urine odor due to the presence of their respective metabolites
  • Any liver disorder or metabolic disorder has the capability to change the color of the urine.


In summary, it is okay for your urine to have a strange smell. Indeed, no matter how odorous your urine smell is, you should never consider it strange as urine is just another waste product that comes out of your body. From the factors listed above, it is crystal clear that urines have different odors for many different reasons. For instance, you will probably notice that your urine has an awful odor when you eat too much or drink a lot. Regardless of how repugnant the odor is, it is truly no cause for concern. But then, if the urine odor makes you pretty uncomfortable after eating some meals or drinking too much, you may want to avoid them, going forward. However, if the smell persists, we strongly advise you see your doctor.

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