Tuberous Sclerosis

Tuberous Sclerosis

Last Reviewed : 12/29/2020
Tuberous Sclerosis

Tuberous sclerosis is a rare multisystem genetic disease that causes benign tumors to grow in the brain and on other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, lungs, and skin. A combination of symptoms may include seizures, intellectual disability, developmental delay, behavioral problems, skin abnormalities, and lung and kidney disease. Tuberous sclerosis is caused by a mutation of either of two genes, TSC1 and TSC2, which code for the proteins hamartin and tuberin, respectively. These proteins act as tumor growth suppressors, agents that regulate cell proliferation and differentiation.

The name, composed of the Latin tuber (swelling) and the Greek skleros (hard), refers to the pathological finding of thick, firm, and pale gyri, called "tubers", in the brains of patients post mortem. These tubers were first described by Désiré-Magloire Bourneville in 1880; the cortical manifestations may sometimes still be known by the eponym Bourneville's disease(English /b??rn'vi?l/) or Bourneville–Pringle disease (after Bourneville and John James Pringle).

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Basic information: nhs uk tuberous sclerosis mayo clinic tuberous sclerosis health line tuberous sclerosis web md tuberous sclerosis complex (tsc) tuberous sclerosis medline plus tuberous sclerosis family doctor tuberous sclerosis dermnet nz tuberous sclerosis brain foundation tuberous sclerosis better health tuberous sclerosis news medical tuberous sclerosis cleveand clinic tuberous sclerosis newyork times tuberous sclerosis merck manuals tuberous sclerosis university of maryland medical center tuberous sclerosis


Advanced information: medscape tuberous sclerosis genetics home research tuberous sclerosis patient tuberous sclerosis national organisation for rare diseases tuberous sclerosis radiopedia tuberous sclerosis recognizing an index case of tuberous sclerosis by joseph s. hurst, m.d., columbus regional family practice residency program, columbus, georgia susan wilcoski, m.d., swedish covenant/chicago medical school family practice residency program, north chicago, illinois am fam physician. 2000 feb 1;61(3):703-708.



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