Subdural hematoma/Sub dural haemorrhage(SDH)

Subdural hematoma/Sub dural haemorrhage(SDH)

Last Reviewed : 12/25/2020
Subdural hematoma/Sub dural haemorrhage(SDH)

A subdural hematoma (American spelling) or subdural haematoma (British spelling), also known as a subdural haemorrhage(SDH), is a type of hematoma, usually associated with traumatic brain injury. Blood gathers between the dura mater, and the brain. Usually resulting from tears in bridging veins which cross the subdural space, subdural hemorrhages may cause an increase in intracranial pressure (ICP), which can cause compression of and damage to delicate brain tissue. Subdural hematomas are often life-threatening when acute. Chronic subdural hematomas, however, have a better prognosis if properly managed.

In contrast, epidural hematomas are usually caused by tears in arteries, resulting in a build-up of blood between the dura mater and skull.


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Basic information: medline plus subdural hematomas web md subdural hematomas nhs uk subdural hematomas health line subdural hematomas causes ucla health acute subdural hematomas brain and spinal cord subdural hematoma recovery msd manuals (professional version) traumatic brain injury ucla health chronic subdural hematomas medicine net subdural hematomas neuro pathology traumatic brain injury and increased intracranial pressure better health subdural hematomas brain subdural hematomas encyclopedia subdural hematomas encyclopedia of childrens health subdural hematomas birth injury guide subdural hematomas subdural hematomas


Advanced information: medscape subdural hematomas radiopedia subdural haemorrhage patient subdural hematomas family practise notebook subdural hematomas subdural hematoma evacuation chronic subdural hematoma- to drain or not to drain? by deepak awasthi, md, jay howington, md and greg dowd, md evidence-based treatment of chronic subdural hematoma by jehuda soleman, philipp taussky, javier fandino and carl muroi

traumatic brain injury learning radiology subdural hematomas med merits chronic subdural hematoma pathogenesis and pathophysiology dove med chronic subdural hematoma last updated oct. 14, 2015 neuro surgery craniotomy: subdural hematoma epidural and subdural hematomas:
dangerous blood clots on the brain by gary e cordingley, md, phd cdem self study modules subdural hematomas medtronic seps subdural evacuating port system working toward rational and evidence-based treatment of chronic subdural hematoma by thomas santarius, md, phd clinical neurosurgery volume 57, 2010 subdural hematoma: treatments and prognosis monday, 28 apr 2014 11:54 pm read more: treatments and prognosis for subdural hematoma management of chronic subdural haematoma acnr • volume 8 number 5 • november/december 2008


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