Flea Bites / Pulicosis

Flea Bites / Pulicosis

Last Reviewed : 12/25/2020
Flea Bites / Pulicosis

Fleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide, which feed on the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats. Since fleas use a wide range of hosts, diseases can be transferred from one host to another. The three main species of flea that infest humans are cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis), dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis), human flea (Pulex irritans). A flea bite is intensely itchy and secondary infections caused by scratching are common. This condition can range from mild irritation to severe irritation. Symptoms include swelling of the bitten area, erythema, ulcers of the mouth and throat, restlessness, and soreness of the areolae. Permanent nerve damage can also occur.


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Basic Information

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Advanced Information

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