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Fibroadenomas of the breast are benign tumors characterized by an admixture of stromal and epithelial tissue. Since both fibroadenomas and breast cancer can appear as similar lumps, it is currently recommended to perform ultrasound analyses and possibly tissue sampling with subsequent histopathologic analysis in order to perform diagnosis. Unlike typical lumps from breast cancer, fibroadenomas are easy to move, with clearly defined edges.

Fibroadenomas are sometimes called breast mice or a breast mouse owing to their high mobility in the breast.


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Advanced information: medscape breast fibroadenoma imaging the american society of breast surgeons management of fibroadenomas of the breast radiopedia fibroadenoma of the breast radiopedia complex fibroadenoma breast pathology fibroadenoma pathology atlas fibroadenoma of the breast pathology outlines cellular fibroadenoma of breast news scientists make seminal breakthrough in understanding molecular basis of fibroadenoma breast health center fibroadenoma breast link breast fibroadenoma dove med fibroadenoma practical management of breast fibroadenomas am fam physician. 1999 feb 1;59(3):669-672.



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