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Craniopharyngioma is a type of brain tumor derived from pituitary gland embryonic tissue, that occurs most commonly in children but also in men and women in their 50s and 60s. People may present with bitemporal inferior quadrantanopia leading to bitemporal hemianopsia, as the tumor may compress the optic chiasm.

It has a point prevalence of approximately 2/100,000.

Craniopharyngiomas are also known as Rathke pouch tumors, hypophyseal duct tumors, or adamantinomas.


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Basic information: american brain tumor association craniopharyngioma medline plus craniopharyngioma craniopharyngioma john hopkins medical library craniopharyngioma craniopharyngioma mayoclinic craniopharyngioma newyork times craniopharyngioma university of maryland medical center craniopharyngioma kids health treatment of craniopharyngiomas


Advanced information: craniopharyngioma radiopedia craniopharyngioma oncolink all about craniopharyngioma craniopharyngioma - childhood patient craniopharyngioma craniopharyngioma pathology outlines craniopharyngioma


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