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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that is caused by a blow to the head. It is also possible to get a concussion from a blow to the neck or body that causes sudden head movement. This type of brain injury can happen in recreational activities and in sports. In sports, concussions don’t happen only during competition. They can also happen during drills or practices. A blow to the head, neck, or body from a fall or a car accident can also cause a concussion.

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Basic information: concussion medline plus concussion cdc concussion concussion definition concussion health line concussion concussion symptoms american association of neurological surgeons concussion kids concussion concussion family concussion brain line concussion impact concussion brain concussion concussion better health treatment and recovery body and health concussion


Advanced information: emedicine health concussion medicine concussion ontario ministry of health and long term care concussion mnt concussion medscape concussion us soccer concussion guidelines tbi schools check list washingtons interscholastic activities association concussion current concepts in concussion: evaluation and management am fam physician. 2012 jan 15;85(2):123-132 guidelines for concussion management in the school setting neurology reviews concussion—a public health crisis journal of athletic training 2004;39(3):280–297 q by the national athletic trainers’ association, inc national athletic trainers’ association position statement: management of sportrelated concussion by kevin m. Guskiewicz et al


Research: review article front. Neurol., 01 may 2013 | application of blood-based biomarkers in human mild traumatic brain injury by alex p. Di battista et al., review article front. Cell. Neurosci., 12 december 2012 | understanding the neuroinflammatory response following concussion to develop treatment strategies by zachary r. Patterson thescientificworldjournal
volume 7 (2007), pages 1768-1776 review article:traumatic brain injury and delayed sequelae: a review - traumatic brain injury and mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) are precursors to later-onset brain disorders, including early-onset dementia by michael a. Kiraly and stephen j. Kiraly

Singla m, goyal s, singla s, goyal s, singla s. Pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis from squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix:a retrospective study with review of literature. Clin cancer investig j [serial online] 2016 [cited 2016 may 26];5:116-20. Available from: neuroimaging after mild traumatic brain injury: review and meta-analysis by cyrus eierud et al., neuroimage: clinical volume 4, 2014, pages 283–294 doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2013.12.009 review article front. Psychol., 13 august 2014 | heart rate variability interventions for concussion and rehabilitation by robert l.conder. review article front. Neurol., 22 july 2013 | patient characterization protocols for psychophysiological studies of traumatic brain injury and post-tbi psychiatric disorders by paul e. Rapp et al., review article:front. Neuroenergetics, 09 january 2014 | fdg-pet imaging in mild traumatic brain injury: a critical review by kimberly r. Byrnes et al.,


Other helpful resources(support groups): concussion legacy foundation stop concussion foundation


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