Cocaine intoxication

Cocaine intoxication

Last Reviewed : 12/25/2020
Cocaine intoxication

Cocaine intoxication refers to the immediate effects of cocaine on the body. Although cocaine intoxication and cocaine dependence can be present in the same individual, they present with different sets of symptoms.


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Basic information: medline plus cocaine intoxication life in the fast lane cocaine toxicity cocaine intoxication health central cocaine intoxication luxury cocaine overdose florida health finder cocaine intoxication cocaine overdose


Advanced information: medscape cocaine overdose dove med cocaine intoxication cedro cocaine intoxication and hypertensionjudd e. Hollander, mdof emergency physicians. Doi:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2007.11.008 mental cocaine overdose and statistics symptomatic overlap of cocaine intoxication and acute schizophrenia at emergency presentation by mark r. Serper, jcanes c.-y. Chou, michael h. Allen, pal czobor, and robert cancro schizophrenia bulletin, 25(2):387-394,1999 an evidence-based approach to cocaine-associated emergencies january 2008 •


Research: rev. Bras. Psiquiatr. Vol.28 no.3 são paulo sept. 2006 original article:prevalence of substance use among trauma patients treated in a brazilian emergency room by alessandra diehl reis et al., fatal cocaine intoxication in a body packer by gordana brajkovic et al., vojnosanit pregl 2016; 73(2): 198–201 doi: 10.2298/vsp141105022b

Lamia r, el ati z, fatma lb, zouaghi k, smaoui w, rania k, krid m, hmida fb, béji s, moussa fb. Malignant hypertension-associated thrombotic microangiopathy following cocaine use. Saudi j kidney dis transpl [serial online] 2016 [cited 2016 may 26];27:153-6. Available from: cardiovascular effects of cocaine by bryan g. Schwartz, md; shereif rezkalla, md; robert a. Kloner, md, phd circulation.2010; 122: 2558-2569doi: 10.1161/circulationaha.110.940569 journal of the american association of nurse anesthetists anesthetic management of the cocaine abuse patient linda voigt, rn, msn wheaton, illinois october 1995/ vol. 63/no. 5 iosr journal of dental and medical sciences (iosr-jdms) e-issn: 2279-0853, p-issn: 2279-0861. Volume 5, issue 3 (mar.- apr. 2013), pp 54-58 54 | page cocaine intoxication-clinical findings from 402 acute deaths nnoli, m.a


Other helpful resources(support groups): project cocaine overdose


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Presentations/quiz/newspaper articles: experts cite 3 ways cocaine effects can lead to death tests show man found in canal died of alcohol, cocaine intoxication high-flying doctor and mother-of-three died from 'acute alcohol and cocaine poisoning' after being dumped unconscious in an nyc apartment doorway on night out with hbo producer

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