Campylobacter enteritis

Campylobacter enteritis

Last Reviewed : 12/24/2020
Campylobacter enteritis

Campylobacteriosis is an infection by the Campylobacter bacterium, most commonly C. jejuni. It is among the most common bacterial infections of humans, often a food borne illness. It produces an inflammatory, sometimes bloody, diarrhea or dysentery syndrome, mostly including cramps, fever and pain.


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Basic information: medline plus campylobacter infection better health gastroenteritis - campylobacteriosis infection - including symptoms, treatment and prevention new york times campylobacter enteritis health knowledge campylobacter enteritis health line enteric campylobacteriosis health central campylobacter enteritis


Advanced information: medscape campylobacter infections who fact sheets campylobacter fact sheet n°255 october 2011 anti microbe campylobacter species nursing campylobacter: diagnosis, treatment and prevention guide to surveillance, reporting and control massachusetts department of public health, bureau of communicable disease control campylobacter enteritis dove med campylobacter enteritis patient campylobacter enteritis public health agency of canada campylobacter jejuni state of new jersy department of agriculture campylobacteriosis zoonotic campylobacteriosis campylobacter enteritis - statistics and incidence rate britannica campylobacteriosis pathology pet health network campylobacteriosis in dogs and cat histopathology pathology of campylobacter infection dr sampurna roy md


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