Black widow spider bite

Black widow spider bite

Last Reviewed : 12/24/2020
Black widow spider bite

Latrodectism is the illness caused by the bite of Latrodectus spiders (the black widow spider and related species). Pain, muscle rigidity, vomiting, and sweating are the hallmarks of latrodectism. Contrary to popular conception, latrodectism is very rarely fatal to people. Domestic cats have been known to die with convulsion and paralysis.

There are several spider species all named black widow: southern black widow spider (L. mactans), the European black widow(L. tredecimguttatus), Western black widow spider (L. hesperus), Northern black widow spider (L. variolus). Other Latrodectus that cause latrodectism are the Australian redback spider (L. hasselti), and the katipo spider (L. katipo). Several other members ofLatrodectus genus are not commonly associated with latrodectism including the cosmopolitan brown widow (L. geometricus).


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Basic information: black widow spider bite poisoning due to black widow spider venom (black widow spider bites) black widow spider black widow spider bite - topic overview spider bites (including black widow and brown recluse) desert usa black widow spider bite spider bite - first aid niosh venomous spiders black widow spider bite: symptoms and treatments black widow spider bite black widow spider bite to prevent, treat black widow and brown recluse spider bites black widow spider bite black widow spider bite


Advanced information: widow spider envenomation black widow spider bite common spider bites james h. diaz, m.d., dr.p.h., m.p.h.t.m. and kim edward leblanc, m.d., ph.d., louisiana state university school of medicine, new orleans, louisiana am fam physician. 2007 mar 15;75(6):869-873. black widow spider bite black widow spider bite black widow spider bite by christopher w zukowski, do jabfp may-june 1993 vol. 6 no.3 spider bites spider bites black widow spider bite


Research: pediatrics july 2004, volume 114 / issue 1 use of antivenin to treat priapism after a black widow spider bite by nancy g. hoover, james d. fortenberry research articleopen access bacterial etiology of necrotic arachnidism in black widow spider bites by bradley ahrens and carlos crocker j clinic toxicol 1:106. doi:10.4172/2161-0495.1000106 case reports in cardiology
volume 2015 (2015), article id 768089, 3 pages report:reversible myocarditis and pericarditis after black widow spider bite or kounis syndrome? by mehmet yaman et al : monzavi sm, afshari r. development of latrodectus envenomation severity score (less); a severity index for widow spider bite: initial step. asia pac j med toxicol 2014;3:18-22. j. venom. anim. toxins incl. trop. dis vol.15 no.3 botucatu 2009 case report:envenomation caused by latrodectus geometricusin são paulo state, brazil: a case report by almeida ramb; ferreira junior rs; chaves cr; barraviera b


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