Babesiosis / Texas cattle fever / Red water / Piroplasmosis

Babesiosis / Texas cattle fever / Red water / Piroplasmosis

Last Reviewed : 12/24/2020
Babesiosis / Texas cattle fever / Red water / Piroplasmosis

Babesiosis is a malaria-like parasitic disease caused by infection with Babesia, a genus of Apicomplexa. Human babesiosis is an uncommon but emerging disease in the North eastern and Midwestern United States and parts of Europe, and sporadic throughout the rest of the world. It occurs in warm months. Ticks transmit the human strain of babesiosis, so it often presents with other tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease. After trypanosomes, Babesia is thought to be the second-most common blood parasite of mammals, and they can have a major impact on health of domestic animals in areas without severe winters. In cattle, a major host, the disease is known as Texas cattle fever, red water, or piroplasmosis.


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Basic information: lyme and tick borne diseases research center. babesiosis national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. babesiosis lyme babesiosis american lyme disease foundation babesiosis lyme disease foundation of australia babesiosis babesiosis babesiosis babesiosis babesiosis virginia department of health january 2013 babesiosis babesiosis


Advanced information: american family physician babesiosis babesiosis odh - idcm revised 1/2015 babesiosis diagnostic tests for babesiosis overview of zoonotic babesiosis state-of-the-art clinical article:babesiosis by maria r. boustani and jeffrey a. gelfand. anti microbe babesiosis companion vector borne diseases babesiosis babesiosis issued: 26 july 2012 surveillance case definition:babesiosis (babesia spp.)(updated march, 2007) babesiosis babesia species babesiosis:case report babesia


Research: babesiosis by mary j. homer et al. doi: 10.1128/cmr.13.3.451-469.2000clin. microbiol. rev. july 2000vol. 13 no. 3 451-4691 july 2000 first report of human babesiosis in australia by sanjaya n senanayake et almed j aust 2012; 196 (5): 350-352. doi:10.5694/mja11.11378;year=2005;volume=23;issue=4;spage=267;epage=269;aulast=marathe marathe a, tripathi j, handa v, date v. human babesiosis - a case report. indian j med microbiol 2005;23:267-9 transfusion-associated babesiosis in the united states: a description of cases by barbara l. herwaldt, md, mph et al., ann intern med. 2011;155(8):509-519. doi:10.7326/0003-4819-155-8-201110180-00362 pediatricsoctober 2011, volume 128 / issue 4 clinical presentation and treatment of transfusion-associated babesiosis in premature infants by kari a. simonsen et al review:human babesiosis, an emerging tick-borne disease in the people’s republic of china by xia zhou,shang xia,ji-lei huang,ernest tambo,,hong-xiang zhuge,xiao-nong zhou,parasites & vectors20147:509,doi: 10.1186/s13071-014-0509-3 babesia: an emerging infectious threat in transfusion medicine by cheryl a. lobo et al, mem. inst. oswaldo cruz vol.98 no.3 rio de janeiro apr. 2003 coexistence of antibodies to tick-borne agents of babesiosis and lyme borreliosis in patients from cotia county, state of são paulo, brazil by natalino hajime yoshinari et al. environmental investigation following the first human case of babesiosis in tennessee by charissa fritzen et alj. parasitol., 100(1), 2014, pp. 106–109 american society of parasitologists 2014 babesiosis: recent insights into an ancient disease by k.-p. hunfeld et al., international journal for parasitology 38 (2008) 1219–1237 babesiosis as a disease of people and dogs. molecular diagnostics: a review by b. skotarczak,department of genetics, university of szczecin, poland veterinarni medicina, 53, 2008 (5): 229–235 review article case reports in infectious diseases
volume 2015 (2015), article id 405263, 3 pages case report:babesia in a nonsplenectomized patient requiring exchange transfusion by dikshya sharma et al,


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