Why Do Some People Bruise More Than Others?

Why Do Some People Bruise More Than Others?

Last Reviewed : 12/22/2020
Why Do Some People Bruise More Than Others?

Bruising is the common term for the medical word, “contusion.” Blood contains many clotting products that help in blood clotting after a trauma. It is a protective mechanism to minimize the loss of blood from the body during trauma.

Bruising is very common in almost all age groups, but they are more common among the elderly and women.

The following are a few factors that can contribute to easy bruising:

1.Bruising is more common among athletes. During their intense workouts, there will usually be a considerable amount of muscle damage, which leads to bruising.

  1. As one ages, there will be many skin changes that occur that can lead to skin thinning, loss of a protective layer of fat, and fragile blood vessels. Thin skin is one of the most prominent risk factors for bruising.
  2. Chronic exposure to the sun’s rays is one of the most prominent risk factors for skin thinning. Thin skin leads to bruising.
  3. Medications, such as aspirin and blood thinners, play a major role in easy bruising. They consume the clotting products, and they make the blood thin. This leads to easy bruising. Other supplements, such as fish oils, medications like corticosteroids, which cause skin thinning, etc., can also cause easy bruising.
  4. Vitamin C deficiency: A Vitamin C deficiency is very rare. Vitamin C is very essential in the healing process. This deficiency leads to decreased collagen and easy bruising.
  5. Elderly individuals who are smokers and who have Vitamin C deficiency will bruise more easily than others.
  6. For chronic alcoholics who suffer from liver damage (cirrhosis), clotting products will be consumed, which leads to blood thinning and easy bruising.
  7. It runs in families. Genetic disorders that are associated with the deficiency of any of the clotting factors may lead to an impaired clotting mechanism and easy bruising, even after just a mild trauma. Some examples are hemophilia A, B, Von Willebrand’s disease, etc. Though they are rare, they can be life-threatening, so they should be considered immediately.
  8. People affected by cancers, like leukemia (a deficiency of platelets), Lupus, and arthropod-borne fevers like dengue (deficiency of platelets) also bruise more easily than others.

10.Deficiencies of vitamins, like vitamins B12, C, K, and Folic acid also lead to easy bruising.

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