What is cellulite and how can it be controlled?

What is cellulite and how can it be controlled?

Last Reviewed : 12/16/2020
What is cellulite and how can it be controlled?

You are probably living on planet Venus if you haven’t heard of cellulite before. Nevertheless, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, cellulite is the deposition of fat in the connective tissue under the epidermal layer of the skin. The fatty deposits will exert pressure against the connective tissue and give a bumpy look and leads to puckering of the skin. Well, it is medically known as adiposis edematosa.

Thinking about the gender that experiences edematosa the most? It is most commonly seenin women. According to statistics, about 90% of the women suffer withcellulite. It can be attributed to the accumulation of the toxins within the human body. As the age increases, deposition of fat also increases. It is also determined genetically. The most common areas involved arethighs, buttocks, etc. The presence of cellulite hinders the self-esteem of the individual.

Grades of Edematosa

Based on broad categories, there are three grades of edematosa depending on the severity of cellulite. They are:

Grade I/Mild

  • There are 1-4 superficial depressions on the skin.
  • It gives orange peel appearance to the skin.
  • The skin is slightly draped.

Grade II/Moderate

  • There are 5-9 depressions of medium depth on the skin.
  • It gives cottage cheese appearance to the skin.
  • The skin is moderately draped.

Grade III/Severe

  • There are more than 9 depressions on the skin.
  • It gives mattress appearance to skin.
  • The skin is severely draped.

Prevention and Control

Are you struggling with edematosa? If yes, the under listed points will definitely interest you. Before listing these tips, we must, nonetheless, state that there is no permanent method of controlling cellulite. Indeed, there are many commercially available treatments, but they are only temporary. These treatments include:

  • Application of skin tightening or toning creams
  • Massage therapy improves the circulation both in blood vessels and lymphatics. Experts believe that after the massage therapy, the accumulated fat gets into the circulation
  • Laser treatment: It involves insertionof smallprobe underneath the skin that enhances the production of collagen. Afterward, the layer of collagen thickens and puckering disappears
  • Radiotherapy: Another key control measure is radiotherapy. You see, the cellulite is reducedby application of heat
  • Liposuction: Well, what liposuction does is to remove fat, but it also makes the skin worse in appearance
  • Subcision: A needle is inserted beneath the skin to break down all the connective tissue bands
  • Detox therapy: It is believedthat toxins get accumulated and lead to formation ofcellulite
  • Body wraps. Yes, body wraps is one of the tried-and-tested methods of controlling cellulite.

Prevention of Cellulite

  • Diet: Fresh, unprocessed, clean and hygienic diet.
  • Diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables andfiber.
  • Avoid carbohydrates.
  • Foods that contain (>90%) water content are best. They include cucumber, watermelons, tomato, etc. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be procured. The reasoning is that they also help in reducing the inflammation in the body.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Cut down salt to a minimum.
  • Weight should be in optimum limits.
  • If the person is overweight or obese, losing weight will help in reducing the grades of cellulite.
  • Exercise helps in firming and toning of the skin which tightens the skin, thereby reducing the number of depression and improving the grades of cellulite. Therefore, cardio-exercise is the besttherapy in reducing the cellulite.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Try skin massage.
  • Wear loose undergarments.



If you just noticed that you are on the verge of developing cellulite, there is no cause for alarm. Obviously,this guide has given you the secrets you need to keep cellulite in check. In a similar vein, those who are completely free from this condition must take the steps prescribed in this piece to keep cellulite at bay. Achieving a healthy society is possible; adjusting to a few lifestyle changes can make all the difference.



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