Water wonders – how drinking plenty of water makes you healthy

Water wonders – how drinking plenty of water makes you healthy

Last Reviewed : 12/22/2020
Water wonders – how drinking plenty of water makes you healthy

Water! Water!! Water!!! Without mincing words, nobody can do without it. If you go a day without drinking some water, your body system will be in trouble. This explains why a lot of people take plenty of water every day. You see, water isn’t just about satisfying your thirst, it also works a lot of wonders.

Moving on, did you know that water makes up about 60% of your body? According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicines, there is a minimum quantity of water both males and females should consume every day. Well, the organization gave the standards as 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters for males and 11.5 or 2.7 liters for females. But why is water so important? Well, let’s find out.

Importance of water to your health

Here are the terrific wonders that water does in your body:

  • It maintains balance of fluids in the body: Sure, water is a major component of our body. It is present in body fluids like blood, lymph, tissue fluid, Cerebro-spinal fluid and all secretions like saliva, sebum, sweat and digestive fluids. It performs various functions like transportation of gases, nutrients and various other substances to various vital organs of the body.
  • Flushes out toxins: Besides, excess water from the body is excreted by the kidneys in the form of urine. Along with water kidneys also excrete unwanted materials like urea and creatinine through urine. Water soluble toxins are also removed from the body only through kidneys, dissolved in urine.
  • Regulates body temperature: Here’s another reason you should not go a day without drinking up to the recommended quantity of water: water regulates your temperature. Unarguably, our body regulates body temperature through various processes which include sweating and shivering. When body temperature is increased, secretion of water in the form of sweat from the skin increases. As water evaporates from the surface of the body, due to its thermal properties it decreases temperature of the body.
  • Maintains healthy skin: Undoubtedly, water is necessary for maintaining hydration of skin. It improves blood circulation, provides more elasticity to the skin and maintains moisture. What more can you possibly ask? You see, when the skin is hydrated, it looks healthier and smooth. And increased circulation flushes away toxins from the skin leading to decreased acne and other skin problems. How terrific!
  • Removes bad breath: If you have a bad breath, nobody wants to get close to you. Thanks to water – you are never going to have a bad breath! Let’s explain how that works. Basically, food particles and bacteria are responsible for bad odour from the mouth. So, drinking water washes away these particles of food and prevents bacterial growth, preventing your mouth from smelling bad. In addition, water removes the metabolites produced by the bacteria which are also responsible for bad breath.
  • Prevents fatigue: Moreover, water is an important part of circulation. Consequently, it removes all soluble products from organs, preventing their stagnation at any place. On the other hand, lack of circulation may lead to stagnation of metabolic products in the muscles, leading to fatigue. So, drinking the recommended quantity of water will help you get rid of exhaustion if you always struggle with that.
  • Maintains normal functioning of kidneys: Wondering water other role water plays in your body? Wonder no more because water maintains normal functioning of the kidneys. With regard to kidneys, they remove nitrogenous waste from the body along with excess water. Therefore, when there is low amount of water in the body, circulation to the kidneys decreases, decreasing the rate of filtration in the kidneys. This will in turn cause formation of high coloured, concentrated urine. Decreased circulation to the kidneys may lead to decrease in functioning of kidneys called as renal failure. So, it is essential to drink enough water to maintain health of your kidneys.
  • Maintains body weight: Is there anything else water does in the body? Yes, there is. Although water doesn't essentially cause weight loss, it has zero calories and you can have it in as much quantity as you prefer with your diet. So, you can bank on it to replace other beverages and save you from having those drinks full of calories. Also, make sure that you consume mineralised water so you don't miss up on their additional benefits.




Maintains bowel habits: Obviously, there are countless functions that water performs in your body. And one of such functions is maintaining bowel habits. According to scientists, water in the food helps in its passage along the digestive tract. It gets progressively absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract. Furthermore, water that gets absorbed carries along with it the nutrients from the gut. Lack of water in the gut leads to compaction of undigested materials in the colon, leading to constipation. Beyond questions, adequate water and fiber are two important things that keep your food moving through your gut.

Helps in brain functioning: Going forward, studies have shown that even mild dehydration may have adverse effects on mood, memory and concentration. The studies further found that adequate hydration keeps your mood balanced and maintains performance of the brain. This explains why water must be a regular in your everyday life.



From the foregoing, taking plenty of water is all about gains and no losses. So, what’s stopping you from drinking as much as you want to? But just before you take that glass of water, ensure that the water is clean, colourless and odourless. Indeed, those are some of the characteristics of good drinking water. If any of those qualities are missing in that water you are about to drink, you can be sure that you are on the verge of unleashing a Pandora box of diseases into your body. Stay safe, stay healthy by good drinking plenty of water every day.

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