Is sitting close to the TV bad for your children’s eyes?

Is sitting close to the TV bad for your children’s eyes?

Last Reviewed : 12/22/2020
Is sitting close to the TV bad for your children’s eyes?

“Don’t sit close to the TV”. Thisis a common phrase we hear from mothers getting concerned about their kid'seyes. It was probably true in the past. When TVs were first invented, they were emitting radiation several folds higher than the recommended levels. People sitting closer to the TVs and spending several hours of screen time had eye problems. It was very common to hear the advice not to sit closer to the TVs.

With the advancement in technology, nowadays, TVs are no longer considered as a radiation threat to our eyes. The total radiation generated by modernTVs is significantly lower, andthe amount of radiation emitted is also reduced by the blocking screens. With minimal radiation emission, it is now safe to say that radiation threat to our eyes is close to zero.

However, there may beother symptoms associated with watching TV sitting at a close distance. Headache is the most common symptom encountered when we watch TV for a long time or sit at a close distance.Headache can also be attributedto defective vision. Children might be suffering from defectivevision for far objects. Some children tend to sit close to the TV screen so they can clearlysee what is being displayed and not strain their eyes much to see from a farther distance. If the children are suffering from defective vision, they should be treated for that.

Sitting close to the TV is not a bad sign. However,it may bean indication that the child is not able to see far objects clearly. Thus, parents should pay close attention to their children sitting close to the TV to identify vision problems early and correct them.

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