Is blood in the urine normal?

Is blood in the urine normal?

Last Reviewed : 01/05/2021
Is blood in the urine normal?

The appearance of blood in the urine is called hematuria. It is a pathological sign and cannot be considered normal. Many conditions affect the excretory system (kidneys to urethra). This includes both malignant (cancerous) and benign (noncancerous) conditions that lead to blood in the urine. This symptom should be evaluated appropriately. Sometimes, it may be blood tinged urine and the other times, there may be blood clots in the urine. When there are blood clots, urine flow may be obstructed and immediate attention is required. Duration of this symptom is also paramount.

The most common causes of blood in the urine are – urine infection, stones in the urinary tract or enlarged prostate. Cancers of the urinary tract can also cause blood in the urine, however, they are not common. Below is the list of all the causes of blood in the urine.




Part of excretory system affected

Benign causes

Malignant causes



Glomerulonephritis, trauma, infarct, renal tuberculosis, renal stones

Renal tumors (Wilm’s tumor), papillary carcinoma of kidney



Stones in the ureter

Malignancy of the ureter


Urinary bladder

Cystitis, bladder stones, bladder tuberculosis, endemic hematuria (schistosomiasis), benign prostatic hyperplasia

Carcinoma prostate and bladder tumors



Urethral stone, infection

Malignancy of urethra


Medical conditions

Blood dyscrasias / disorders




Treatment depends on the underlying cause. It is important to identify this symptom and notify a doctor as soon as possible. Getting adequate treatment right away helps to prevent serious consequences. Antibiotics are given if infection is found. For kidney stones, depending on the size, treatment varies. If blood clots are noticed, continuous bladder irrigation (CBI) may be performed. As blood in the urine may also indicate a cancer, it is imperative to see a doctor sooner than later.

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