Foods to avoid with alcohol

Foods to avoid with alcohol

Last Reviewed : 12/29/2020
Foods to avoid with alcohol

In the world today, people take alcohol for many different reasons. Well, the most common reasons why they do that are to get over past experiences, relieve stress, follow a trend (peer pressure), as an act of rebellion, for the fun of it (relaxation), etc. While we have identified the most common excuses for taking to the age-long habit, the reasons for drinking vary from one lush to another. But then, no matter the reason behind that decision, one thing is abundantly clear: Alcohol is injurious to your health.

More importantly, having certain foods with alcohol will increase the effects of alcohol in the body which will increase the aftereffects of obnoxious drinks. The reason is that they also aggravate the underlying diseases if taken with alcohol. You probably don’t know what foods to avoid, do you? If you don’t, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as we have listed and discussed them in this guide.

Foods to Avoid

So, here is the list of foods to be avoided:

  1. High-sodium foods: Alcohol itself causes dehydration. But having salty foods along with alcohol increases thirst and leads to increased consumption of alcohol. This, in turn, culminates  in bloating and increases the hangover on the next day.


  1. Acidic foods: Also, you must keep acidic foods at bay. You see, alcohol irritates the throat and stomach, causing reflux. Having acidic, spicy and oily foods will worsen the acid reflux symptoms. The list of foods that increase the reflux symptoms are:
  1. Foods that contain tomatoes and tomato sauces
  2. Chocolate
  3. Soda
  4. Fried foods
  5. Oranges and other citrus foods.


  1. Sugary foods: Having excess of sugary foods and candies will increase the craving for alcohol. In a similar vein, increased consumption of alcohol will increase the after-effects of alcohol.


  1. Caffeine: Caffeine increases the sense of alertness. It means that the person feels alert and drinks more. Having coffee with alcohol gives you a sense of alertness and not intoxicated. Hence, it leads to increased consumption of alcohol.


In this well-researched but concise guide, we have dissected some essential foods you need to eliminate from your diet to achieve healthy living. This step has gained urgency because such foods aggravate your underlying diseases if taken with alcohol, thus causing untold harm to your delicate health. For reading this guide, we presume that you wish to be happy and healthy. Indeed, you can never be happy if you are not healthy. On the flip side, living a happy, healthy life is attainable. And one of the ways you can achieve that is by ridding your diet of these foods. At the end of the day, you will be absolutely delighted you did. Why procrastinate? Start today!

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