Foods that help to heal smoke-damaged lungs

Foods that help to heal smoke-damaged lungs

Last Reviewed : 01/05/2021
Foods that help to heal smoke-damaged lungs

Smoking is injurious to health. It causes a lot of detrimental effects on the human body. Indeed, these health problems are often seen in the heart and lungs. Sometimes, it leads to cancer too. The most crucial disease is related to the lungs. In truth, various gas proportions in the lungs damage the covering and parenchyma of the lungs, causing inflammation and infection. On the other hand, these conditions result in a range of lung diseases. Smoking is the most important risk factor for lung cancer. It causes both visible and microscopic damage to the lungs.


Relevant Studies

There is evidence suggesting that the lung damage can be healed when you quit smoking and follow specific tips. These vital tidbits are avoid pollutants, practicing breathing exercises and body massage. In addition to that, physical exercises, and a healthy diet are some other tips that can be followed to clean the lungs after quitting smoking.

Researches have shown that few food items can help in repairing the damaged lungs after quitting smoking. Well, one study – which was published in the European Respiratory Journal - involved 650 individuals from the British and European descent. According to the study, a diet rich in tomatoes and fruits - particularly apple - helps in repairing the smoke-induced lung damage. Researchers from Johns Hopkins found that the beneficial effect of the diet is not restricted only to smokers. The lead author, Vanessa, says that the diet rich in fruits and vegetables can slow down the normal aging process of lungs even if you have not smoked previously.



In the study, 650 people were recruited from the United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany. The study was started in 2002 when all individuals were assessed for their lung function and the diet they take. They were reassessed at the end of the study after ten years. Results showed that people who ate two tomatoes or more than three portions of fruit, especially an apple a day reportedly showed a slower decline in the lung function than individuals who ate only one tomato or less than one portion of a fruit a day. This association between the diet and lung function is more significant in ex-smokers.

In a new release from Hopkins, Vanessa says, “The findings support the need for dietary recommendations, especially for people with a history of smoking and at risk of developing respiratory diseases such as COPD.”

In her contribution, Dr. Ann Tilley, a pulmonologist at Lenox Hospital in New York City, says, “This study fits into a growing body of research demonstrating health benefits of consuming a diet rich in plant foods. This type of diet has global benefits for our health, and I advise all my patients to incorporate more plant foods into their diet.” She also said that diet should only be seen as a helpful adjuvant and not a substitute in patients with actual lung diseases such as COPD.

Another pulmonologist in New York, Dr. Alan Mensch, says that the benefits of these fruits and tomatoes could be due to the antioxidants present in them. Mensch says, “We already know that plants have medicinal properties. We also realize that diets rich in fruits and vegetables, such as DASH and Mediterranean diets, have beneficial health effects. These diets have high concentrations of fruits and vegetables, foods that are particularly rich in antioxidants.”

Final Notes

These research findings are yet other reasons to start eating healthy. Try to avoid junk foods, foods rich in fat and salt. Try to incorporate more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, take time out of your busy schedule to exercise as only thirty minutes of walking can do wonders for your health. When you imbibe these lifestyle changes, you are certainly making concerted effort to improve your lung and other key organs of your body. Do it today.

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