Does it matter when you exercise during the day?

Does it matter when you exercise during the day?

Last Reviewed : 12/24/2020
Does it matter when you exercise during the day?

Exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. According to some professionals, doing exercise is more important than the specific time it was done. But some others have a contrary opinion. According to them, exercising at a certain time of the day have specific health benefits. The question now, “When is the best time to exercise?” Well, this guide will answer that question and much more.

Exercise and Times of the Day

Here’s why you should exercise in a particular time of the day:

Early morning: It decreases blood pressure, leads to better sleep and aids in weight loss due to improved fat burning and appetite suppression. Many studies show that people tend to be more compliant to morning exercise than any other time of the day

Afternoon and Evening: Exercise, during this part of the day, improves strength and aerobic performance. It also increases the basal body temperature. What’s more, it decreases the stress related to your work.

However, to make the most of it, consistency is more important rather than the timing of exercise.

Getting the Most Desired Result

According to American Heart Association (AHA), the best time for exercise is when you have time for it or free. It can be any part of the day. AHA recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate workout or 75 minutes of vigorous workout per week. This is essential for overall good health of the individual. Resistance training for 3 times per week will have an added advantage. In short, the best time to exercise is when you have the most energy and motivation to do it.

Here are some activities you can do any time of day:

a)Walking, running and jogging



d)Dancing and aerobics

e)Climbing stairs

f)Playing sports

g)Strength training and weights

h)Yoga and Pilates

i)Boxing and kickboxing

j)Martial arts and Tai Chi


In conclusion, there’s no one right time of day to get moving. So do it at the time that’s right for you. You are probably aware that exercise has lost of benefits. You see, exercising regularly helps you to control your weight, reduces the risk of heart diseases, helps you to manage your blood sugar level, improves your mental health, improves learning and thinking, strengthens your bones and muscle, etc. From the foregoing, you will certainly snag lots of benefits when you exercise regularly. More importantly, the time of day doesn’t mean a thing.

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