Did you know lack of sleep can make you gain weight?

Did you know lack of sleep can make you gain weight?

Last Reviewed : 12/23/2020
Did you know lack of sleep can make you gain weight?

Healthy lifestyle consists of healthy eating habits and adequate sleep. It is recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleep for good metabolism. Sleep deprivation can lead to many adverse effects on the human body, one among them is weight gain.

Studies have shown that if you sleep only for 5 hours daily, there is a chance of gaining weight, possibly up to 2 lbs, in a week.

Normal sleep for 7-8 hours will increase the metabolic rate and aids in spending the calories for your regular body functions like breathing, respiration, and digestion.

Normal sleep also maintains normal levels of ghrelin and leptin in the body. These are the two hormones that affect the appetite.


Here are the reasons for weight gain in asleep deprivation state:

1.Skipping breakfast. Sleep deprived individuals depend on more snacks rather than a healthy meal or breakfast to curb their hunger. In this process, more calories are consumed than expected.

2.Snacking after dinner during the late night will increase, to a significant extent, extra calories that add up and are not easily spent due to inactivity.

3.Sleep deprivation slows down the metabolism resulting in retaining more calories.

4.Sleep deprivation also boosts hunger, ending up with more consumption of calories.

5.It also has its effects on the levels of ghrelin and leptin. Increased ghrelin and decreased leptin is a terrible combination for weight gain.

6.Sleep deprivation affects physical activity. Sleep deprived individuals are less likely to do exercise or other physical activity.

7.Sleep deprivation also increases the craving for junk foods which are loaded with calories.

8.It leads to altered levels of stress hormones that also contribute to weight gain.

9.There will be fewer intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

10.Drinking less water.

11.The person depends on soft drinks or carbonated drinks rather than water for hydration.

In addition to multiple other complications, sleep deprivation can also cause weight gain and obesity. Having adequate sleep reduces stress and the risk of other health conditions related to stress. Healthy sleep habits are important, and they should be incorporated in any weight loss program.

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