Best ways to prevent depression

Best ways to prevent depression

Last Reviewed : 12/18/2020
Best ways to prevent depression

Depression is one of the common causes of death in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Indeed, depression and suicide are inseparable. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there has been a growing cases of deaths caused by depression in the US. In its 2018 reports, CDC disclosed that suicide cases rose by 24% from 1990 to 2014. The Center also revealed in the publication that suicide has taken the 10th position on the list of leading killers of American people. Beyond doubts, this is a worrisome trend. To nip this trend in the bud, a need exists to educate people on the best ways to prevent depression. If you or your loved one is having a hard time managing depression, well, this piece will help you weather the storm.


Ways of preventing depression

  1. Regular exercise: Regular exercise helps you to fight depression. It causes the release of certain chemical substances called endorphins which keep your mood stabilised. Also, exercise increases your body temperature and calms your central nervous system. Regular exercise has a long-term effect on depression and helps in preventing relapses.
  2. Manage your stress: In addition to regular exercise, managing your stresses with exercise or yoga can help you deal with depression. To keep your stresses as little as possible, try to avoid having a lot of choices in your daily life. Sure, take simple quick decisions and follow through with them. And do not overcommit yourself to anything.
  3. Get enough sleep: Another important way of preventing depression is getting enough sleep. Indeed,adequate sleep is necessary for proper functioning of the body and mind. Given that people have many different definitions of good sleep, optimum sleep time of 6 to 8 hours has been recommended for good health. Sleep is a mood regulator and helps in dealing with bad mood and depression.
  4. Eat well: Do you skip meals? If yes, you need to stop that if you need to prevent depression. Eating a balanced diet is important for maintaining a good mental health. You see, high sugars and high fats can affect your mental health badly. Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish has shown beneficial effect on depression. Moreover, excessive alcohol has been associated with increased risk of depression and so is nicotine.
  5. Make a routine: Well, we are not done yet. Another method that made our list of best ways to prevent depression is making a routine. Like the food our body needs, our mind needs activities to keep doing its best. The habits we practice every day has a profound influence on the stability of our mood and direction of our thoughts. Having a gentle daily schedule can help you recover from a depressive episode.
  6. Set goals: Check this out: when depressed, people may feel like they cannot accomplish anything. Setting daily goals for small tasks improves your feelings about yourself and lets you feel better about things, preventing you falling back into the loops of depression. So, you should add that to your list if you wish to keep depression at bay.
  7. Avoid known triggers: Our emotional equilibrium may - at times - be disturbed by things. For instance, sometimes, it may be hormones in our body or, at other times, it may be the events in our life. Whenever you expect such a disturbing thing coming your way, it is better to keep yourself distracted with other things while it passes or to altogether avoid it. Now, that’s one of the tricks you need to be armed with to prevent yourself from sliding into depression.
  8. Follow your passion: Furthermore, spend time doing things you enjoy. Pursue hobbies that keep you calm and make you feel good. The reason is that it will also provide an outlet for all your pent-up energy. In fact, it keeps you from getting distraught.
  9. Maintain strong relations: No man is an island, you know. So, active social life is important for our mental health. A healthy support network helps you fight depression as much as medicine do. Having more social interactions also increases your activities and keeps you from being idle. Keep in mind that when you don’t maintain strong relations, chances are that life struggles will lead you into depressive moods and behaviours.
  10. Talk therapy: Have you ever wondered how talk therapy performs its magic? Well, here’s how: Cognitive behavioural therapy has shown improvement for many suffering from depression. Sometimes, it is necessary to talk about your issues and problems to stop them from effecting your thought processes. Therapist can guide you through the ups and downs of your mental health and help you fight away depression. So, you should give this technique some consideration.
  11. Maintain your treatment plan: Take your antidepressant medication regularly. What’s more? Stopping them abruptly or without consulting your doctor can lead to relapses. Therefore, always look at side effects of drugs and supplements or consult your doctor before starting any.

Last words

In truth, depressions are a big deal. Yes, that’s because events playing out around us and medical sciences have proven that fact. This is particularly important given that depression is capable of costing someone’s life. People love you, and you owe them to stay alive. Therefore, you must take best possible decisions that will help you avoid depression. The good thing is: this guide has given you everything that you need. So, you have no business being depressed. However, if you think these ways of preventing depression discussed this piece are not enough, you are strongly advised to consult a doctor. Make that appointment today because every cause of depression has a solution.

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