10 best ways to keep your teeth forever

10 best ways to keep your teeth forever

Last Reviewed : 01/05/2021
10 best ways to keep your teeth forever

If you don’t make an effort to take good care of your teeth, the chances are that you will end up suffering from a dental problem. Make no mistake about it, there are lots of dental problems you can suffer from. These include tooth decay, gum (periodontal) disease, oral cancer, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, toothache, and dental emergencies. Not to mention bad breath. Just imagine having to go through one or more of these dental issues at the same time. But we have some good news for you: All these dental problems are preventable. In order to avert them, you just have to follow these dental instructions below.



10 Ways of Maintaining Oral Hygiene

These are tried-and-tested ways of maintaining them:


1. Good oral hygiene: This is very crucial in keeping gums and teeth healthy. Gum disease and tooth decay remain big problems in dentistry. The following are some basic steps, which, if followed, can reduce the dental problems to a great extent:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily for at least two minutes
  • Flossing regularly helps in removing the food particles, plaque and bacteria hidden in between teeth, most especially where bristles of a brush can’t reach
  • Gargle using a mouth wash. Antibacterial mouth wash helps in clearing out the bacteria from your mouth. Do it regularly, preferably after every meal
  • Tongue scraping removes the bacteria or any food particle trapped, which may contribute to tooth decay.

2. Brush your teeth twice every day: You have to brush your teeth twice every day for at least two minutes. Many people are unaware of correct brushing techniques, which is the most important thing in maintaining good oral hygiene. Follow the tidbits below.

a) Use a soft bristle brush to prevent any hurt or bleed. Brush all the surfaces of each tooth, most especially the chewing surface.

b) Electronic brush is a big advancement in the dentistry. It is very helpful for correcting the techniques of brushing.

c) Replace the brush every three months, and if using an electronic brush, replace the head.

d) Brush after the meals can eliminate the acid produced by the food, an important contributor to tooth decay.

3. Fluoride toothpaste: Well, fluoride toothpaste is a big success in maintaining good healthy teeth. Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamel and guards against dental decay. However, it should be used in a sufficient amount, not more than a peanut-sized dab on a toothbrush. Excess amounts lead to white spots on teeth.

4. Quit smoking: Nicotine present in tobacco stains the teeth as well as increases the risk of various gum diseases and oral cancer.

5. Good balanced diet: You should eat foods rich in calcium, such as dairy products, to promote healthy and strong teeth. Vitamin D is also helpful as it increases calcium absorption in the gut. An omega-3 fatty acid found in various fish oils is a great source of Vitamin D.

6. Avoid sugary and sticky foods: Ensure that you avoid sugary foods like chocolates and gummy candiesas they get attached and lodged in-between the teeth, thus providing a favorable place for bacteria to grow. This, in turn, causes tooth decay. Also, reduce the sugar intake, which breaks down to acids, dissolving the enamel coat on the tooth.

7. Avoid alcohol consumption: Oftentimes, many millennials find it pretty difficult to stay without boozes. The thing is, alcohol wears off the protective effect of the enamel coating on the teeth, leading to cavity formation. Large and prolonged consumption causes severe damage.

8. Avoid certain foods: You should avoid certain foods that stain your teeth. Good examples are tea and coffee. Other foods you should eliminate from your diet plans are foods that increase acid production like orange juice, pickles, vinegar, etc.

9. Meet your dentist: Meeting with your dentist is unarguably an important-yet-neglected tidbit. Professional help is a must if there is any sudden change in sensations, swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth, painful chewing, any swellings or any cavities. Get yourself treated promptly to decrease the spread and progression of the disease.

10. Other useful tips

a) Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

b) Avoid carbonated drinks like soda, cola, etc.

c) Reduce the amounts of artificial sweeteners and added preservatives.

d) Add raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables to your food.

e) Chew sugar-free gum after eating as it increases the flow rate of saliva, which breaks down any remaining food particles in the mouth.




Final Notes

Can you pick out from the 10-point list just one tidbit that you find impossible to do? No doubt, these nuggets of instruction are very simple as you can conveniently practice them. Indeed, achieving healthy teeth is as easy as ABC as we have shown you the A to Z of making that happen. Just imagine having to deny yourself your favorite meals because you have one teeth problem or another. Perhaps it will make perfect sense to you when your friends begin to avoid you because you always have bad breath. The fact is, you can prevent all those teeth issues and more only if you stick to the 10 ways we have discussed in this guide. Why procrastinate? Start today!


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