Why is it important to have sex during pregnancy????

Why is it important to have sex during pregnancy????

Last Reviewed : 12/23/2020
Why is it important to have sex during pregnancy????

Some women are hesitant to have sex during pregnancy and keep their partners away. Sometimes, it may affect relationships and more importantly, benefits of sex are being avoided. There are many advantages of having sex during pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy is safe unless it is contraindicated. Certain medical conditions like placenta previa, cervical incompetence requires abstinence from sex otherwise having sex during pregnancy is healthy. In general, sex is safe until 30 weeks of pregnancy. Certain positions may need to be avoided during the latter part of pregnancy. There are several benefits of having sex during pregnancy:

Reduces stress:

Sex is a form of exercise, which increases blood circulation throughout the body. It reduces the stress by releasing endorphins. This is considered safe for both mother and the baby.

Prevents Pre-eclampsia:

Sex during pregnancy improves blood circulation. This helps in decreasing the blood pressure of the mother and helps in preventing pre eclampsia, most common complication encountered during pregnancy.

Boosts immunity:

Pregnancy is an immune compromised state. Sexual activity increases the antibodies - IgA secretion within the body and thereby helps in fighting with illness and staying healthy.

Improves immunological reaction between mother and baby:

The developing fetus is considered as foreign to the mother’s immunological system. There is every single chance of rejection. Semen contains an antigen called Human Leucocytes Antigen-G. This antigen helps in decreasing the rejection towards the fetus.

Improves orgasms:

Having good orgasms is very healthy both mentally and physically.

Improves Sleep:

Sexual activity improves sleep of both mother and baby.

Boosts Happiness:

Sexual activity releases endorphins in the body. They help in maintaining the sense of well being and boosts up happiness.

Reduces pain:

Sexual activity releases hormone called oxytocin. It aids in increasing the threshold levels of pain. It increases the pain tolerance levels.

Increases intimacy between the couple:

More than anything, sex enhances the relationship between the couple. This is again due to the hormone oxytocin. It increases the intimacy between the couple. So it is also called as love hormone.

Postpartum recovery:

Sexual activity strengthens the pelvic musculature and aids in easy delivery. It also helps in early recovery during the post partum period. Keigels exercises are also advised during pregnancy to strengthen the pelvic musculature.

So during pregnancy, enjoy sex without hesitation and continue to build intimacy with your partners.

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