Do men get pregnancy symptoms too??

Do men get pregnancy symptoms too??

Last Reviewed : 12/23/2020
Do men get pregnancy symptoms too??

Yes, there are men who experience pregnancy symptoms too. They are the men particularly who are more sympathetic to their wives who experience pregnancy symptoms. The reflex sympathetic stimulation in the body of would be father is responsible for this. The most common symptoms that men experience are weight gain, insomnia (sleeplessness), epigastric pain (acidity), constipation, mood changes etc. These changes occur due to psychological effect on the body.

The most important reason for the development pregnancy symptoms is the production of female hormones in the body. Estrogen is the hormone present in the body of would be father and is responsible for all the symptoms.

The symptoms of pregnancy start with weight gain. The reason for weight gain in the expectant fathers is not known. It can be just over eating like the expectant mother. After gaining adequate weight, the excess of glucose gets converted into fats. Fats are responsible for the production of hormone testosterone. Excess of testosterone is then converted to estrogen. The presence of excess estrogen in expectant father can cause some pregnancy symptoms.

Couvade syndrome is one syndrome that occurs in men, where men experiences pregnancy symptoms. It can be as severe as men developing even labor pains. It occurs in husbands who are more sympathetic towards their wives. It is the psychological disorder among husbands.

According to S. Masoni1 author of the research publication “The Couvade Syndrome”, men experience pregnancy symptoms too. It was published in Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Other studies done by W.H.Trethowan2, also gave the similar results. The conclusion of the study was all expectant fathers may have some symptoms of psychogenic origin in relation to their wives' pregnancies. It was published in The British Journal of Psychiatry.




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