Early symptoms of Prostate Enlargement

Early symptoms of Prostate Enlargement

Last Reviewed : 12/23/2020
Early symptoms of Prostate Enlargement

  • Enlarged prostate is usually seen in men after age of 50years. In many cases affected individuals do not have any symptoms. But few of them experience symptoms related to urination.
  • Enlarged prostate compresses the urethra (small tube like structure extending from the bladder through the penis) at the neck of urinary bladder. Due to this compression, there will be acute retention of urine along with other problems related to urination.
  • Enlarged prostate makes the bladder irritable.
  • The early symptoms of prostate enlargement include:
  • Poor urine stream: There is narrowing of urethra due to external compression, which results in poor and weak stream during the process of urination.
  • Difficulty in initiation: There will be difficulty in the initiation of process of urination. The reason behind this is bladder that is thickened will not be able to produce stronger contraction to empty the bladder. Hence there will be delay in initiation of process of urination.
  • Acute retention of urine: The bladder contractions are not sufficient to empty the bladder. So some amount of urine will be retained in the bladder itself.
  • Incomplete evacuation of bladder: Due to poor contractions, the bladder will not be emptied during the process of urination. Hence there will be incomplete evacuation of bladder. The person always feels the need to visit the toilet immediately after urination.
  • Increased frequency and urgency: Prostate enlargement makes the bladder irritable. Retention of urine initiates another cycle of urination again. There is incomplete evacuation of bladder. This will lead to increased frequency of urination and urgency as there will be dribbling of urine at the time of initiation.
  • Nocturia: There is increased frequency of urination at night time also.
  • Risk of urinary tract infections: The early symptoms of bladder like acute retention of urine in the urinary bladder acts as a seat for infection. The organisms grow and multiply in the bladder and make the symptoms worse. Some individuals may present with the features of urinary tract infections. There is also risk of formation of urinary bladder stones and spreading of infection to kidneys.

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